How to Measure for Wool

Happy Monday Everyone! We wanted to answer a question that we get often. How do I measure my baby for wool? This is really a great question. Since every baby has a different shape, measurements are much more accurate than just going by weight.


Meet our sweet model. ❤

This first measurement we need is the waist.


I measured right above her diaper. This doesn’t need to be too tight. We want to keep it nice and comfy for active babies.

Next we need the rise.


With the diaper on, start about and inch above the diaper in the back, and come through the legs around to the front. Ideally you want an inch above the diaper, and you can add a little more for growing room.

For soakers we need a thigh measurement.


This needs to be tight enough to keep everything in, but still comfy enough to not leave red marks. Wool is nice and stretchy, so it allows for maximum comfort.

For longies or footies we need to know the inseam.


Start from the crotch and measure down the inside of one leg. You can decide exactly where you want the pants to fall.

If you don’t have a baby to measure, you can find a pair of pants that fit and measure them. I found it helpful to reference a size chart and make sure my measurements were fairly normal.

We hope this clears up some confusion, and takes the intimidation out of measuring for wool.


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